Heart health month concluded at the end of February. Yet heart health should not take a back seat for the remainder of the year. Poor heart health claims more lives annually than any other disease. Improving heart function cannot be isolated to healthy eating habits and regular exercising. Other contributing factors like mental health, stress levels, and sleep patterns play critical roles that influence heart function. An often-overlooked contributor to optimal heart health is the alignment and function of the spine.

Chiropractic Adjustment on Heart unctionScience supports the important role that spinal health plays in healthy heart function. New research helps explain why chiropractic adjustments influence cardiovascular health through the autonomic nervous system. Men and women from all over the world utilize chiropractic for health and wellness measures to safeguard the health of their spine and maximize function of the brain and nervous system. Although many patients begin chiropractic care to alleviate pain or symptoms, most will quickly experience benefits far beyond the spine or back. The heart and cardiovascular system experience remarkable influence from chiropractic adjustments. The spine directly influences heart health and blood vessel function through the autonomic nervous system. Scientific research continues to produce evidence detailing the profound impact the spine makes on the heart, blood vessels, and blood pressure.

Chiropractic originally gained notoriety for relieving back pain and musculoskeletal health. This new study proves what chiropractors have witnessed and known for hundreds of years; adjustments influence so much more than just pain. Participants of this 2021 study experienced adjustments in the upper back and before and after measurements were assessed. Researchers compared the results with a control group that received muscle stimulation and stretching therapy addressing similar chest pain complaints. No heart function changes were influenced with the group receiving muscle work. The study concluded that spinal adjustments in the other group increased heart nerve stimulation that led to increased balance of the nervous system and a subsequent calming of the heart. These results further conclude the significant and unique power of spinal adjustments on overall nervous system health and heart function.

Many autonomic nervous system-related benefits occur each day in chiropractic offices around the world. The latest research and evidence continue to explain exactly why these things happen. From heart rate and breathing to digestion and immunity, all necessary functions experience improved autonomic influence. Chiropractors continue to serve and educate the masses on the benefits that accompany proactive health care that include spinal adjustments.