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Helping Southwest Florida Patients with Weight Loss

Maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding excessive stress on your body is crucial to your physical wellness now and as you age. Amazing Wellness and Chiropractic understands how difficult it can be to moderate your exercise and diet for an ideal build. With the daily stresses of work, family, errands, and other responsibilities, minding your weight tends to get put on the back burner. Our doctors and staff want to help you get the best physical form you can through treatments that may benefit your health and well-being. We offer a variety of natural weight loss solutions for patients in Southwest Florida. Dropping your weight to a healthy level is never easy, but our treatment options aid in alleviating some of the stress related to getting a trimmer physique. At our office, we offer a revolutionary piece of weight loss technology called the Contour Light. It is a continuation of our commitment to stay on the cutting edge of non-invasive therapies and treatments for our patients.

skinny woman holding up jeans that are too large for her

Using the Contour Light to Sculpt Your Body

The Contour Light uses multiple wavelengths of light from an LED-based device to reshape your body. The photonic energy is delivered as close to the skin as possible through soft, flexible pads that mold to your body’s shape. This method is effective at treating all areas of your body because of the unique pad design. The LED (light-emitting diode) delivery of low-level light therapy penetrates the tissue to contour your body for a slimmer, trimmer physique. Using red and infrared light initiates a healing response in the body, rejuvenates the skin, and stimulates the lymphatic system. Unlike other treatment methods like ultrasound, freezing, and radiofrequency, there is no cellular damage that results from LED-based therapies. Receiving treatment with the Contour Light is pain-free and perfectly safe for patients. Amazing Wellness and Chiropractic proudly helps patients achieve a better, slimmer version of themselves using this technology, and we will gladly help you attain a more contoured figure.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Slimmer, Healthier You

If you are tired of the stubborn cellulite and fat that will not budge from your frame, or daily life has you distracted from attending to your physical form, let us provide a safe and proven solution. The weight-loss treatment at Amazing Wellness and Chiropractic, like the Contour Light, is a continued effort by our team to help you optimize your body’s health and function. Weight loss can also improve your mental health, boosting confidence, providing more energy, and potentially lifting your mood. Getting a healthier body that is less susceptible to illness or injury can lead to a happier and longer life. Call us today to schedule care at our practice.

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