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Treating Pain with Laser & Light Therapies

Amazing Wellness and Chiropractic wants to make sure you get the most effective natural treatment for your injuries and ailments. Pain and discomfort are sensations that you should not have to endure for years, and we offer safe treatments for your body that sit at the forefront of medical technology. With today’s advancements in therapies that promote healing from within the body, our Southwest Florida location takes the initiative to stay current for your benefit. Laser and light therapies have been shown to be highly effective in treating pain. The concentrated light goes through the layers of tissue to deliver the best possible relief for patients. Our collection of natural solutions for improving your wellness and comfort includes theMR4® SE 25 Laser device. Using this device for treatment helps us augment our chiropractic services with non-invasive treatment options to help promote healing from within.

chiropractor checking shoulder of patient

The MR4® SE 25 Laser

The MR4® SE 25 Laser requires no injections or other intrusive means of application. This non-surgical method of treating pain is an FDA-approved device that uses laser therapy with a wide range pre-programmed treatment options. The MR4® SE 25 Laser features an infrared diode, four infrared LEDs, and four Red Diodes for the delivery of MultiRadiance therapy. Amazing Wellness and Chiropractic offers this therapy method to patients and we encourage you to enjoy the benefits of natural treatment solutions. With our selection of treatment options, your body can get therapeutic care for the relief it needs without having to rely on pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures.

Visit Us in Southwest Florida for Therapeutic Treatment

The treatment options at Amazing Wellness and Chiropractic focus on natural therapies and procedures that work with your body to produce relief from discomfort and promote improved function. We want your body to operate at its best, so we help you through our care to unlock its innate ability to heal, optimize energy, as well as protect against illness and injury. With chiropractic care, nutrition guidance, weight loss help, and the use of innovative laser and light therapies, our doctors implement treatments that promote health and allow your body to perform at is best for a happier and healthier life. Call us today to schedule an appointment for care at our facility in Southwest Florida.

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