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Products Available at Amazing Wellness and Chiropractic

At Amazing Wellness and Chiropractic Southwest Florida, we provide services to help you achieve overall wellness and relief from pain with natural solutions. Our services include laser therapy, light therapy, and chiropractic care. We want to make sure you get relief outside our office, which is why we carry Foot Levelers custom orthotics. With custom orthotics, you can walk with reduced discomfort in your knees, feet, lower back, and from plantar fasciitis. Orthotics users can even experience relief from shoulder and neck pain, making everyday tasks more enjoyable. Foot Levelers has different options to suit your orthotic needs. Intellisense™ Smart Orthotic actively helps keep you cool in the warm Sourthern Florida weather. Our wellness specialists will help you find the custom orthotics that suit your body’s needs. These orthotics fit comfortably and provide soothing relief since they are customized for your use. By pairing them with our services, we can correct your painful issues and help you enjoy life.

chiropractor adjusting woman's knee

Why You Should Use Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics

Foot Levelers produce some of the most comfortable, high-quality custom orthotics available to sufferers of multiple joint and feet issues. They are created using an exam and 3D scans to ensure a perfect fit and dependable relief. We know that your feet are unique, so each orthotic is created by hand specifically for your feet. By supporting all three arches of your feet, you get complete comfort and stability that fits inside your shoes. With a stabilized pelvis and balanced foundation, Foot Levelers will help you stand and walk with a corrected natural alignment that reduces back, knee, and foot pain and provides relief for other areas of the body. Lower back pain and other issues are commonly related to foot conditions, which these custom orthotics assist in correcting. Amazing Wellness and Chiropractic stays committed to offering products and services that treat your body’s wellness naturally. The orthotics from Foot Levelers fit our commitment, and we are proud to offer them to patients like you.

Call Us for More Product Information

Amazing Wellness and Chiropractic is ready to answer your questions about the products and services we offer. Our team is confident that Foot Levelers custom orthotics will help you when you require orthotics, and we will recommend them when their use is appropriate for your condition. If you want to know more information about these orthotics, we welcome you to ask us. We will make sure you feel as confident as us about using them for your everyday pain while standing and walking. Call us today to request information about Foot Levelers’ products and additional services. After getting answers, we invite you to schedule an appointment with our doctors and staff.

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